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420 Health Solutions is fully committed to removing all patient challenges and barriers in access to care. It is our fundamental belief that an educated patient is our best partner for creating positive treatment outcomes. At 420 HS we are working hard to develop the tools necessary to empower our patients to fully participate in their healthcare.
Providing Louisiana and the world with the information, encouragement, and access needed to make Medical Marijuana an integral part of a healthy lifestyle
One day the world will approach healthcare from a holistic approach, and Medical Marijuana will be considered the “new aspirin”.
  • Empowering our patients with the knowledge necessary to be full partners in their healthcare.
  • De-stigmatizing the use of Medical Marijuana
  • Compassionate and Competent Care
  • Sharing information
  • Being fully committed to HIPAA protocols
  • Easy access to care
  • Affordable access to care

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Lloyd M. Kelly, and Andre Baugh

Co-Founders 420 health Solutions

Holistic Health

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Preventative Care

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Acute Diseases

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Chronic Diseases

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Hours of Operation :

Monday - Friday - 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Sun - Sun - CLOSED

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A Professional and Experienced Medical Staff

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