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420 Health Solutions (420HS) is a family medical practice, specializing in the evaluation of patients for the appropriateness of including Medical Marijuana in the treatment of their conditions.

420HS is unique in that all our services are provided on our telemedicine platform. This not only makes access to care convenient, but it also keeps care affordable.

As a new practice, our services are currently limited to providing evaluations of the appropriateness of supplementing Medical Marijuana into the treatment plan of our patient’s conditions.

Our Services Center Around 4 Areas of Care

  • 420 Health Solutions is not certified in any specific Board Specialty our work does not require “Board Certification” However, our process is designed to incorporate the concepts of:
  1. Holistic Health
  2. Preventative Care
  3. Acute Care, and
  4. Chronic Diseases
  • 420 Health Solutions is currently licensed to recommend only for patients residing in the State of Louisiana
  • Louisiana law does not allow the prescribing of Medical Marijuana. Physicians (who must be licensed in Louisiana) are allowed only to make a recommendation.
  • A recommendation (while based on the physician’s medical expertise) is only an opinion and must be considered as such.
  • 420 Health Solutions does not participate in the diagnosing or treatment of any illness/condition. Our role is only to make a recommendation as to the appropriateness of adding Medical Marijuana to existing treatment plans.
  • Patients under the age of 18 must receive parental or guardian consent before they can be evaluated.

Our Philosophy is Based on 3 Principles

1. Medical Marijuana should be considered an integral part of a patient’s overall healthcare strategy. We advocate the use of Medical Marijuana in keeping our patients healthy as well as its use as a therapeutic in the event they do become ill.

2. The best way to treat an illness is to prevent it before its onset.

3. You empower people; By educating them – At 420HS we invest a lot of time and effort into educating our patients to make them full partners in their healthcare. We believe the more informed a patient is, the easier it is for them to make decisions regarding healthcare.

Our Services Center on 4 Areas of Care

1.Holistic Health

What is holistic healthcare?

When you hear “holistic health,” do you think of alternative medicine, naturopathy, or other Eastern-inspired health trends? If so, you are at least partly right.

Holistic health does incorporate complementary therapies that have been scientifically proven to work, and like alternative medicine, it focuses on wellness and prevention, rather than just treating diseases. But holistic care is about more than integrating Eastern and Western medicine. It is a more comprehensive and personalized way of thinking about wellness.

Holistic health is about caring for the whole person — providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. It is rooted in the understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health and being unwell in one aspect affects you in others.

Take stress, for example. It is a psychological response, but it can also cause physical symptoms, such as headaches, trouble sleeping, weight gain, and muscle pain. Of course, it works both ways, and being physically ill can cause you to feel anxious or depressed. Meanwhile, your spirituality and your relationships can boost your mental and physical health. Studies show that having close friendships lowers your blood pressure, reduces your stress levels, and can even improve your chances of surviving cancer.

Understanding this, doctors who take a holistic approach to health do not just ask you about your symptoms. They ask about you — your overall health and your life — so they can make personalized recommendations to improve your wellness.

While 420HS services are limited to Medical Marijuana evaluations, the evaluation process is conducted from a holistic approach.

As the practice grows and other holistic services are added, they too will be developed from a holistic care approach.

2.Preventative Care

What is Preventative Care?

Preventative Medicine is a medical specialty recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), which focuses on the health of individuals and communities. The goal of Preventative Medicine is to promote health and well-being and prevent disease, disability, and death.

Preventative Medicine specialists are licensed medical doctors (MD) or doctors of osteopathy (DO) who possess expertise in a broad range of health care skills, including biostatistics, epidemiology, planning and evaluation of health services, management of health care organizations, research, and the practice of prevention in clinical settings. They apply their knowledge and skills in medicine, social, economic, and behavioral sciences to improve the health and quality of life of individuals, families, communities, and populations through disease prevention and health promotion.

Preventative Medicine has three sub-specialty areas: Public Health and General Preventative Medicine, Occupational Medicine, and Aerospace medicine.

While 420HS is not board-certified, we operate from a General Preventative Medicine perspective, recognizing that Medical Marijuana plays a role in preventing the onset of many illnesses.

3.Accute Care

What is Acute Care?

Acute care involves emergency treatment for patients in need of critical care.

Acute care is a secondary healthcare field for patients who are suffering from serious injuries, short-term illnesses, medical conditions, or who are recovering from major surgery.

Acute care is short-term and is designed to treat patients until they are rehabilitated to the point of stability.

420HS does not participate in the diagnosing or treatment of an acute medical episode. Our role is to determine if Medical Marijuana might:

  • Reduce a patient’s symptoms
  • Reduce the side-effects of prescribed medications
  • Help reduce any pain the patient might be suffering.

4.Chronic Diseases

What are Chronic diseases?

According to the Center for Disease Control, Chronic diseases are defined broadly as:

  • conditions that last 1 year or more.
  • require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both.

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. They are also leading drivers of the nation’s $3.5 trillion in annual health care costs.

While 420HS does not diagnose or treat a Chronic Disease our evaluation process is designed to determine if Medical Marijuana maybe an appropriate supplement to the patient’s current treatment plan.

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